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i like to do chases of colour through colour (ie white strip has red pass through and remains white after). I usually do it on my eaves. Currently I creat the chase with the original colour at the front and back, fill in start and finish point and then use fill tool. I've tried foreground and background but they don't retain original colours... Is there a better way. I put an example of how it looks before I use fill tool below.


W. .WRW.. W

W.... WRW.... W

W...... WRW ...... W

And so on

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Create WRW fade over 3-4 cells (or whatever you want.)

Use Chase Tool to make the Chase.

Then fill in white around the WRW chase you just created. (Hint. Fill a column with white, then use Fill Tool)

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Ok, that is what I'm doing. Thanks for the response. I had hoped I was just stuck in my old ways. I haven't ventured into pixel editor or superstar. Is this doable in either of those.

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Pixel editor has much more control over those type of effects than SE does, you just got to get over the learning curve of it and remember that the item can't be present in SE and PE, it's one or the other.

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