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Visualizer Timing Off


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A few weeks ago I upgraded from S3 to S4 Pro and after the upgrade I have noticed the visualizer timing slowly continuing to get further and further off pace with the SE.  

All the port and IP addresses match so I know that is not the problem.  During the visualization I have also seen the FPS count slow WAY down from over 100 to around 30 - 40 FPS. I imagine this could be a contributing indicator to the timing.


Has anyone else seen this or know of a way to correct the timing so the visualizer keeps pace with the SE?



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The S4 visualizer is light years ahead of the S3 visualizer in terms of performance as long as you have the Advanced Rendering Engine turned on.



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I find myself in an odd place having to agree with DevMike :)  on the visualizer;

In S3 I had horrible lag/timing problems, with S4(after redoing all my fixtures/props) I found the S4 Visualizer to be spot on with my sequence

I'm running 6000+ pixels plus about 100 reg lor channels: I have not seen any lag on the S4 visualizer

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