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My name is Jeff, I live near Winston-Salem, NC. Over the last 4 or 5 years I have been adding to my outdoor Christmas lights, my goal is to eventually have my house be "full on Griswald", :D. Anyway, my lights are the basic sort, LED icicle lights, stars, lights on the bushes, large twinkling outdoor wreath, and I have 4 flood lights ( 2 red and 2 green ) that I shine on the house on either side of my front door. Not this year, but perhaps next year I would like to cover the entire front of the house witjh string lights of some sort. What type of lighting do you all recommend for that? Also, would a basic pixel light controller package get me on my way if I just want no music, but have some of the lights ( the lights covering the brick on front of house ) cycle on and off ( in a smooth , fluid way ) in a wave motion?

I thank you in advanced of any help / info



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I am a newbie to LOR. I started planning for my show in November, last year. I'm afraid you may be too late for this year. On the upside, if a full on Griswald look is your goal you've come to the right place. Good luck with your show, and welcome to the insanity!


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Thanks Z, yes I am too late for this year, but just wanting to start planning for next year...Covering the front of the house is kind of my idea of starting small, using smart RGB, I guess, so that I can make the colors look like they are flowing around on the front of the house...Just not exactly sure where to start as far as equipment needed..

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I am also a Griswald :)  For years just kept mashing together store bought lights.

Then one year I got the LOR starter package. 1 controller 16 channels.

2nd year added two more 16 CH controllers.

This year I bought 3 CCP's - 300 Pixels. And now I am learning to use them. Adding sequences into my already programmed songs.


Of course it is all based on budget. I wanted a 12 string tree, wife said no. But next year..... :) I only need to buy three more CCP strings.


Over the years - the more LOR stuff that goes up the less of the store bought stuff I use. Old stuff can be tossed not repaired. Spend time building frames for all the LOR lights. I like it and it's still a huge challenge but a it's lot easier to store all the LOR stuff then all those store bought animals, lights, candy canes..............

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Yeah, I have been doing the same over the last few years; adding lights but I have not used any of those "animated" santa's waving, or any giant blow up snowmen...LOL...My interest is mainly just lights on the house, and now to begin moving into the more serious aspect of control with music sequences, I would like to also add lawn displays like the smart trees, arches and the like...

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