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Mega/Spiral Tree Problems! Help


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Hey guys so i made my mega tree with red, green, blue, and white and i was planning on doing a spiral tree on my mega tree that would be pink and purple. I started wrapping the spiral strands around my mega tree and thats when the problems occurred. :(  My mega tree was no longer looking like a tree and looking like a closed umbrella. The top was getting pulled in and wasn't looking good. How can i fix this? I really want to avoid re-doing the mega tree as all my controllers and lights are hooked up and staked to the ground. Help please...!!!

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I wouldn't worry too much about the decision on whether to re-do it. Sounds like it's in the process of slowly collapsing already under it's own weight. Might be a good time to rethink the project using either RGB nodes or pixels. Any color you want at a fraction of the weight. (And at a fraction of the time and angst.)

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George is exactly right, its collapsing under it own weight and rgb is easier


The last 2 years I had a spiral tree with 16  1/8th steel guide wires, the turnbuckles were turned so tight,  you could play a song off the wires,

If I didn't, they would sag under the weight.

One of the forum members here, Earl, gave myself  and others lots of good advice on how to set these up.


But the tree would take 8 hours to completely set up, so 

this year, I switched to rgb lights;  still 16 light strings, but should(?) only take an hour to set up; much easier;  I made a simple tree of emt tubing as the light holder and frame and a stand. 

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