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Issue with Superstar visualization


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I am using version 4.2.6. I am importing a visualization of 6 arches. Each arch is 25 pixels long. When I draw a scene everything looks as expected on the Superstar visualization. However when I play it back the Superstar visualization does not match what I drew. For example if I have a simple scene to just turn all 25 pixels on to red when I play it back only about the first 2/3 actually light up. If I change that scene to light the first and second arch then the full 1st arch lights up and half of the second. But that is the most I can light up. Even if I have a scene that lights all six arches I only get the first and half the second to light at playback. I am not exporting anything to the sequence editor yet. Just playing back in Supserstar. I've double checked the visualization I'm importing but can't see any issues.

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Lesson learned. If you use the new pixel extender function make sure you turn it back off when you are done :) Thanks Brian for your time helping me with this today.

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