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Dumb RGB section repair?

James Hill

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Hello everyone,


I noticed on one of my dumb RGB strips a 3 inch section of LEDs are green when the rest are orange (for example). I saw a youtube video a couple of years ago where someone fixed? this problem. I think it has something to do with the chip (connectivity)? Would it be easier to cut the section out and replace or does anyone out there have a fix? I looked for the video but couldn't find it.


Thanks in advance.

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Dumb RGB lights don't have any IC chips in them all they can do is change single colors over the entire strip, so are you sure you arn't using pixel strips?


- What the problem could be though, is if you are using pixels it could be the IC chip in that pixel has a issue and you can fix it by cutting it out and soldering a new one in, or it may be a issue in your sequence so take a second look at your sequence file.


- If you are using standard dumb rgb lights the issue could be that the red and blue leds in that light could be broken, and if this is the case again just cut the lights out and replace them.

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Check the connection at the point where the color is off. I just recently had that problem. I located a weak connection and resoldered it. Works like a charm now. Be careful try to keep as much of the Silicon sleeve intact. Used hot glue myself to re-seal to waterproof it again. Though that is what I had at the time. You can probably get some clear silicon from Home Depot or Lowe's though.

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