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I have the standalone G3-MP3. But wanna buy and enclosure for it does anyone know the dimensions of this thing. I'm out of town and not around it to order one. Or does LOR have one that I can encase it in

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I believe it refers to the speed it can read/write. On the front of many you will see a number in a circle, it is also on the package. I have seen them as high as 10.

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I just used an old telephone{old landline type} plastic box from Southern Bell or AT&T that held both my older Showtime MP3 Director and my FM Transmitter in the same housing.    Mind you, I had to ream out the interior of the box so it was smooth, there are a lot of ribs inside some of these boxes as they held the hardware for making wiring connections to all the old style phone wall jacks in the house.


Not sure what there size is, but if your home doesn't use interior landline jacks, sometimes these boxes are mounted somewhere on your house or on a post in the yard.   That's where I scarfed mine from, wasn't used, so I took it down, gutted it and used it fir my MP3 Director and FM Transmitter.  Was a perfect fit for both units in there.


BTW: sometimes you can find these and get them for free from a local telephone repair guy, as sometimes when they eliminate them, they just take them down, then scrap them.   So sometimes you can find them from a local telephone repair service truck in your area, and cost is the best part, "free!"

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