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Buck the animated deer by Gemmy and LOR


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I have found a problem with Buck's motherboard. I was advised on the planetchristmas forum that using a LOR dc controller could replace the mothèr board. Has LOR experience of replacing Buck's motherboàrd? What is my next move?


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LOR will not replace the board for you.



If "Buck" has servos then you can maybe use LOR's servo control board. 


I found the thread on the PlanetChristmas Forums.


You replied to a thread that was over three years old. You are lucky that you got a reply.



I think the person in the thread said he connected the motors directly to a power source to control it. He used an LOR DC board to control the motors. I think he must mean a CMB24D or CMB16DQC but could be talking about a ServoDog.

Also when you do this it will not do what it used to. You will need to program all movements.

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