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Animations on a pixel matrix


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Hey All,


So, I have been watching A LOT of youtube videos from around the world.  I have noticed that almost all of the displays that I have watched using pixels (either CCR's, pixel mega trees, or pixel matrix's, etc) have some sort of cool animations going on.  (people moving around, bells ringing, snowflakes, santa claus, etc).  


I assume most of these are being done in Superstar.  HOW??  Are you guys literally turning on one pixel at a time in the software?  Or, is there some sort of repository where you can import an image in and then animate it.  I would like to do this, but wow, that seems like a lot of work (and, I am no artist.  My Santa would look REALLY terrible).  


Any tips or tricks I don't know about?





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Currently there is not a way to import an image file such as a .jpg file. Having a repository would be good and has been suggested before, but I'm not aware of there being one. Seems like something could be started on the forums and people could attach clipboard files with the animation.


It would be appropriate for me to organize something like that, how about I pin a topic titled "animation repository" and folks can reply to it and attach clipboard files with animations in them.

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