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I have gotten everything down except how to use smooth effects. Is there a how to video on smooth effects like there is for basic scenes and morphs?

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Sorry, no there is not a tutorial on them. For lack of a tutorial the best thing you can do is click on "add" to see the default effect, and then change the one of the values and click on "modify" and see what it does. And keep doing that with each of the values


Also, there is a brief description of things in the help file.


1) Click on the Help menu and select "contents"

2) expand "The lightorama software package

3) expand superstar sequencer

4) expand custom sequences

5) click on "smooth effects"


Also, click on "Summary of Commands and Keyboard Accelerators" and then "Sequencing Grid Commands for Smooth Effects" to see how to use the mouse on the sequencing grid for smooth effects

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