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Global Channel intensity change


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Is there a way to change the intensity for a channel for the entire duration of a song?


Currently the channel on is a 100%.  I would like to change all the on values for that channel  to 80%.




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Select the area you want to change, right click and select change intensity, then detailed. Set the options you want in the popup and apply. If you get it wrong or dont like the result click on indo and try again.

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Depending on exactly what you mean, another way to do this (in addition to PhilMassey's suggestion) might be to use "Foreground Effects".  If you turn on Foreground Effects, then whenever you apply a tool to an area, it will only take effect on those portions of the area that are not off.  Here's the help file entry on Foreground Effects:




To be clear, PhilMassey's suggestion should work fine.  I'm just mentioning this alternate suggestion because each of the two is useful in different situations, so it's handy to know about both.

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