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With the new enhanced network lowering the overhead on the LOR Network how many CCR/CCB/CCP/RGB devices can safely be run on each network?


Before the enhanced network I maxed mine out at 4 CCP/CCB's (8 unit id's) to play it safe, but this year I have ramped up my display significantly. I know am running almost all RGB lights so each of my RGB trees uses 6 CCP/CCB controllers (12 unit id's). If I run the enhanced network at 500k I think I should still be fine with the 6 CCB/CCP devices and could I add an additional additional 4 CCR's onto the 6 CCP's (total of 16 unit id's)? I already am running 5 networks and really don't want to add additional ones.


This is what I am hoping to do with my network list (listed by controller):


Regular Network (easy linkers):

4 - CTB16PC's

2 - CMD24D's


Aux A (500k Enhanced):

6 - CCP's

4 - CCR's


Aux B (500k Enhanced):

4 - CCP's


Aux C (500k Enhanced):

6 - CCB's

1 - CMD24D


Aux D (500k Enhanced):

3 - CCP's


Aux A is the one I am most worried about as next year my CCB & CCP trees might go up by an additional 2 controllers. Just trying to make sure it will run now and be ready for next year too. I guess I could pull the 4 CCR's off of Aux A and put them on Aux D, but with how my display is setup (more than one house) that would be a royal pain to run the wire for.

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