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Looking to buy some sequences (pixels)


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This is my third year with LOR and my first year with pixels. So, I am adding a 12 string pixel tree to my set up. I have purchased a few sequences from Holiday Sequences and have 2 more to buy, but I have a few songs that they don't have, and I can't find anywhere. So, if anybody has any of these sequences they are willing to sell or would be willing to create one for sale, or let me know where to find them, I would be very interested. I can send you the music to use if you need it. I just don't have the time this year to do it, and SS is not in this years budget. I am playing with PE but not getting very far.

 So if you can help, please let me know. I would be forever grateful.

The sequences I am looking for are,


The Chipmunk Song(Christmas Don't Be Late)  by the Chipmunks

Carol Of The Bells by Monique Danielle

Sleigh Ride by The Carpenters (Christmas Portrait Album)

Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley

Baby It's Cold Outside by Glee from their Christmas Music Album


I already have these songs sequenced in my show(64 LOR channels) and would love to add the pixel tree to them.

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