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How Many Pixels On Bushes?


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I want to go with RGB on my shrubs.  Now that the house is outlined, the traditional lights look blah.  My largest bush is 7 feet tall, and about 3 feet around.  I'll be using 12v, with Hollidaycoro 27 channel Basic controllers I already have with spare channels open. I'm guessing bullets are the best way to go for this?  How many bullets would one put on a bush this size? Am I correct to assume I do not need as many as i would traditional mini lights?  Would I still wrap them all the way around the bush since a pixel facing backwards can't be seen?

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I'm wrapping a couple of slightly larger sized bushes myself. Not at all sure how it's going to turn out but I'm putting 200 square 2811 pixels on each bush and mounting them on pixnode strips at 4 inch spacing. Going to do a shallow pitch spiral wrap all the way around.


We'll see........

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