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Hi All,


I'm currently looking to hire someone to provide some consulting for a project I'm working on. I'm a Madrix user and want to use LOR to control some LEDs because it seems to be easier to program a show with LOR. 


The setup contains 8,100 pixels - controlled via E1.31 Holiday Coro controllers. Additionally, I have 30 moving lights and a slew of other LED par fixtures controlled via standard DMX. The moving lights and the pars are controlled via a GrandMA2 Lighting Console. I have S4 Professional with Superstar Sequencer, but apparently Superstar won't let me export all the channels to the Sequence Editor because I'm over the 12,000 channel limit. Assigning the channels and universes on 8K pixels, it's an enormous undertaking. Is there an easier way?


So - that said, I'm looking for guidance on how to best make the pixel portion of the show work. Does LOR support timecode? Is there someway I can keep LOR and the console in sync? 


If you're available and willing to help out, please reach out. I will gladly pay you for your time. 



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I have been asking why SMTPE hasn't been included in LOR for years.  it would be so better to have the data stored local and just feed time code.. but alas.. not happening..


since SMTPE stripe is really audio, you could make your LOR 1 channel of mono music and the other SMTPE stripe.. maybe.. just a thought..

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I have not done it with LOR, but my company has done a lot of events with syncing audio and lighting with timecode. I split the track to "Left" as the track and "Right" as the timecode track. The only issue I ran into is converting the timecode track into a midi format to go into the console. We were using a Martin M1 console. We ended up getting a Rosendahl to do the conversion. Worked like a charm. You will also need to take the computer audio output into separate channels in a small sound board or you will potentially get the timecode track to bleed over to the audio track, which is very annoying in the speakers.


How many DMX universes are you using with that many fixtures?


I do not know much about controlling pixels yet, but I can help with the other lighting information, if you need it. Feel free to shoot me a message.

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