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Issue with scenes V4.2.6


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I'm having an issue with scenes in 4.2.6. I have a simple visualization of a 360 tree. It is 24 stings 34 pixels each. They are DMX strings. When I import the visualization into SS and select any of the pixels in row 0 column 0 -3, row 1 column 0-3, row 2 column 0-1, row 3 column 0- 1, or row 4 column 0 those pixels do not light on the visualization. There seem to be some other random spots in the grid with issues as well. Anyone ever seem anything like this?

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You mention that it is a 360 degree tree. Probably what is happening is some of the pixels are on top of each other and the one underneath isn't showing up.


To fix this, you will have to use the tree wizard in the visualizer again, and rotate the tree best you can so that strands are not on top of each other. Another thing that will help is to use the "properties" wizard and make the size of the pixels bigger. Size 6 is a good size.

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