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Hi guys, I'm like the newest newbie  newbie you can be and in need of some immediate help.  I just got in all my gear - LOR162W and a G3-MP3 Director.  So after lots of confusion and a few support emails I was able to get it hooked up and made 3 sequences, Grim grinning Ghosts, This is Halloween and Thriller.  So here I'm thinking I'm pretty cool and use the simple show builder to  create the show, I listen to it and it only plays two of the sequences and a few seconds of the third.  Its not even listed as the third sequence, it's like the first one.  It plays a few seconds and jumps to the next song/sequence.  I'm a little stuck here, can anyone help me out please?  Also, I'm setup to run my show and it's been posted and I'm collecting can food  for charity and I was hoping to provide a cool  show with no glitches.  Anything help is greatly appreciated. 

I can run my show perfectly from my laptop without the G3-MP3 but that is a big hassle and a waste of money.


Thank you



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