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Please help I have the cmb24d with the 8 ribbons. I have had this for over a year now but just haven't had the time to really mess with it, All I want to do is have the ribbons come on solid for different holidays with no music. Can somebody just give me a place to start. no music just solid color on all  ribbons.I know how to setup the controller to the computer just need some idea where to start with the software portion . thank you as I am new to this .

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Create an animation sequence.

You will have to setup your channels to match your controller....just add a device. Right click any channel and select add a device...then select the cmb24. Make sure the channels are rgb. Right click a channel and select convert to rgb if needed. The unit number of the board is manually set using dipswitches. Make sure the channels match what you have setup on the board. So if it is unit 1, then the first rgb channel will be unit 1, channels 1,2,3.

Then you can splash each ribbon with color using the colorfade tool.

In animation you can use loops. So possible to create a 1 sec color, loop it for 60 times and have that color for one minute. Then add another color, loop 60 seconds.....etc.

Use google to learn how to setup your channels.....it isn't hard but a picture is worth 1000 words apparently.

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