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New in TN - ideas or should I try to buy a used CTB16?


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I am trying to light up for my first year and obviously, by all accounts, I am desperately out of time. I know this year will not be my best show and I should just put together the best show I can and focus on next year, but I can't help but think I either need to add more channels to add a few more elements or I need to figure out how to make the most of what I have already and make it look bigger or cleaner.  I guess I'm struggling with what are the best elements to use and where to use the 32 channels I have now (Technically 48, but I have a 16 channel spiral tree that I have already built the spiral tree). 


I attached my visualizer file with what I have right now.  I am, as of now, going to scrap lighting my eaves/roofline though I have them on the visualizer.  If anyone would be willing to look at what I have to work with and make any suggestions, I would be very thankful for some feedback. 


So right now I am planning:


5 mini trees - 3 colors each

I have 6 windows that will have wreaths at 3 colors each

Spiral Tree - 1 color - 16 channels

1 large wreath - 3 colors

2 single color snowflakes


Only colors are red, green, white.


I am open to grouping windows to conserve channels or whatever anyone might suggest.  Thank you in advance!!!  I'm only panicking a little bit right now.....



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