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My First Computerized Display - 2007


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Here are videos of my first computerized Christmas display. I have 33,000 lights and 64 LOR channels. After I finally got this show up and running and saw the results, I just can't wait to start working on my bigger and better 2008 show.

This is the first computerized show that I know of in our area and I just didn't know how popular it was going to be. Once the word got out, there have been cars lined up on both sides of the street to see the show.

Christmas Eve Sarajevo

Linus and Lucy

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Richard Hamilton

Gee whiz David, you have too much time on your hands! Looks like you have extra time to come help paint my house :)

Great job, especially for a first year.


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Richard Hamilton wrote:

David James wrote:

Isn't that called "Carol of the Bells"? I thought that "Christmas Eve in Sarajevo" was the name of the album.

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 is the name of the song. It's from the album "Christmas Eve and Other Stories".

Thanks guys for your great comments. This is my first year and each song took me about 5 to 6 hours to program. I am already thinking about what I am going to do for 2008. Went shopping today for the 1/2 price Christmas decorations and lights and will have a bigger show with more channels for 2008.

Thanks again!
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