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screen shot copying and fade questions


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I was trying to upload what I was seeing, but unable to do so for whatever reason.  I am trying to fade orange within a rgb sequence.  I select orange, then the fade option, but when I select the area of the sequence I want to fade, it shows the fade in white.  Any reason why?


Also, I added "track 2" and all of my channels and sequencing copied to it.  When I added a third track, nothing transferred.  Then I individually added the channels, but still the sequencing did not copy...Any thoughts?  I know I can copy and paste a lot from track to track, but I thought that this would or should just automatically transfer..


Thanks in advance.  I appreciate it.



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Use the color fade tool for fading RGB. (TOOLS > COLOR FADE) Select orange on the left side and then select black on the right side.

What's your license level? Yours might only allow for two tracks.

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I have the advanced license.  Thanks for the help.  RGB is new to me.  I didn't even think to start with black.  Just so used to the 16 channel controller.  #learningcurve  


Thanks so much.

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