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Importing Current Display into Visualizer


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Hi Gang,


Is there a way to import a current display into the Visualizer? When I have gone in and tried to set props up (Net Lights, Floods) it wants to build a new channel.

I'd Like to start working with the visualizer, but the display is already setup with 25,000 Lights (up from 11,000).


I'm sure there is a posting somewhere, but when I search for "Import Display into Visualizer" I am finding Bupkiss. :)





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Go ahead and draw your display in the Visualizer. Let it create channels.
Now visit this post and read the section "Keeping the Visualizer in Sync with the Sequence Editor:"

In short, let the Visualizer create the channels inside of the Viz. Then give the Prop, etc., a name. Be sure to use the exact same name as you have in the sequence editor. Then when you load the sequence as a reference inside of the Viz, it will go through and assign everything with the correct UnitID/Circuit/Color.

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You can import your channel configuration into the standalone Visualizer.


Visualizer menu bar -> Edit -> Load LOR Reference. Then you pick an LMS file or a export channel configuration.


There is no support to move what you have done in the Animator (built in to the sequence editor) into the visualizer, you'll need to redraw.

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