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Curious if anyone has successfully used Rope lighting or Ribbon lighting around their windows. I currently use standard led strands attached with zip ties in the corners. The lights always sag over time. I did the PVC thing but wasn't a fan. Looking for a cleaner look. I don't have deep/think edges around each window and my windows are vinyl, so there is about a 1" offset from the top (fixed) window to the bottom (sliding) window. 



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do you have the grove in the frame for installing screens....


maybe make a frame like making a screen attach your lights to that and install it like a screen.. you may need to use small screw and clamp the lights string, or rope light to the frame that you custom make to fit each window... 

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

It's hard to visualize what your dealing with. There's been lots of creative solutions to this issue. Just easier to see it.

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