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RGB color challenges


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Full disclosure.... I am very new to RGB.  I have done LOR sequencing in the past, but still have a lot to learn. 


Here is where I am having trouble:

I am not able to assign colors to my RGB channels.


I have been able to do this with my existing sequences, but not when I am trying to start from scratch.


I wanted to start a new sequence and am starting with a "musical" sequence and adding the media file I want.  I have added my number of channels and the color fade tool is on.  I do not have any timings set.  I try to "assign" a color to the channel, but am unable to do so. 


Any thoughts?  Do I need to approach this a different way?  Do I need to start with my non rgb channels first and then add the rgb unit after that?  Do I need to start with an animation sequence?  Do I need to have timings?  Could I have something "checked" that is messing me up.


I'm lost and really frustrated.  I'm going to use what I am used to for now, but still want to integrate the rgb. 


Please help.


Thanks for your wisdom



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If you already have a channel configuration, you should export it and use it when you create your new sequence or import it into your sequence.


As far as adding an RGB channel, use "insert RGB cahnnels".




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A few things.


This may just be the way you wrote it, but you don't 'assign' a color to an entire RGB channel. You assign a color to specific portions of the channel. Those specific portions are we humans call the timing marks.


R, I will assume (and hope) that you already have at least one RGB channel defined. If not, make sure you do. Follow T's advice above, or "Insert New Device" to insert the CCR/CCB/CCP that you have.


Look for the Color Fade Tool. This is how you would put RGB colors inside of the RGB Channels.

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Thanks.  I am still working on it, but I think where I was going wrong was how I was adding the channels.  I was adding 24 channels and then changing them to RGB.  It didn't want to work for me that way.  Stay tuned... We will see...



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I think you should add an RGB channel , then double click on it and set unit id and 3 channels to it.

I use regular lor channels.

If you need more just repeat this several times.


Look at the channels , the should be black.

open the color fade tool , pick any color and put into that channel.

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Sounds like you have both RGB assigned channels and non-RGB channels in your sequence, on your non-RGB channels in sequencer you can make them any single color you want, green, blue, red, yellow, etc... But once you have take the three ( red, Green, Blue ) channels and converted them to a single RGB channel, what you have actually done is made a small "group" If you click on a single blackened RGB Channel it will expand so you can see the individual channels. When having a RGB channel it will always be black, you cant change it. 


Once you have a sequence laid out with all your channels set, then go to the upper left hand corner , select EDIT, then drop down to almost the bottom "IMPORT/EXPORT CHANNELS... and select that, export the channel configuration and give it a unique name, like "Xmas2015" or whatever you like. then when you start a new sequence and you are at the place when you select your media file, look down at the Channel Config box and select your channel config file ( like Xmas2015 ), then select OK  ( or to make it even easier check the "make this default" box on the botom of the pop-up before hitting Ok and this channel config will be opened every time you add a new sequence until you change the defaults again.

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