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Anyone willing to share 16 or 32 channel Halloween and the layout?


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I'd like to put up a small Halloween display this year.  I have 2 controllers and some Halloween specific lights, plus a ton of plain white lights.  Would anyone be willing to share their 16 or 32 channel sequences?  If so, could you also share the layout they were designed for?  The reason I ask that is I'd like to set up my display to match what the sequences were meant to be.  I've tried just plugging someone elses sequences into a layout I designed, and it never looks good.  Thanks in advance!

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I just got my controllers a few weeks ago and would love if I could grab a few of your 32 channel Halloween sequences. I've been sequencing Thriller for about 4 hours and am not even 2 minutes into the song!! My email address is smcgowan@twcny.rr.com. Once I get the hang of sequencing, I would be more than happy to reciprocate if there is anything I create that you would like. Thanks!!

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Good morning!


I am using the wow lights setup myself this year.  This is my first year, so keeping it very simple.


Would love to have some of your sequences.


Thank you very much in advance.





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IMO, get better responses if you zero into specific songs you want. Not effecient use of everyones time to send everything or random songs.

 And if you do a thread title search for specific songs, you'll most likely find past thread where people are sharing that song or leads to who has them.

As you mentioned, trouble in matching up shared sequences with your elements. It's going to take some work on your part, in scanning shared sequences and finding channels that you can copy/paste into your configuration.  So in that reqards, you don't have to request only "16, 32, etc., channels).

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I have 300 32 channel halloween sequences give email will send some



I would like a few if you get some time.  I'm looking for the classics or hits like  Thriller, Monster Mash...



Thanks, Jeff



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HeyJames.. Just wondering..


do you have a drop box with them in it... Much easier then trying to send things to so many. I just got mine and it does save a lot of time etc. them sending so much on e mail..


Thanks James.


I Have got a lot from you over the almost year that I have been playing with LOR... I was a newbie to here last year and and still am a newbie.. you helped me out so much with my first show.. 


and I learned a lot from looking at your sequences..

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello: Here are links to my 13 & 14 Sequences. Feel free to use and abuse as I feel that no one should EVER have to pay for sequences. This is a hobby and a community of like minded individuals whom happen to be afflicted with the disease of Holiday decorating. As such we should all support each other in any way possible. 

Happy Decorating

Brian aka GiGa

Here are my 2013 and 2014.

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My setup is the one that wow lights have on there web site

Hi James,


I'm new this year and I'm making my 32 ch setup just like Wow's too.  I've built my own faces and tombstones.  If you have any Halloween 32 ch sequences to share I'd appreciate it.  


Thank you,

Rich (gorichgo@yahoo.com)

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I lost all my 16 channel LOR sequences (3 years worth) to a hard drive virus, requiring me to put in a new hard drive. I lost it all. As you all know, thats hours & hours of work. Starting from scratch, I need Halloween & Christmas sequences.

Last year my 15 minute show featured about 45,000 standard lights including a 16' - 16 string tree.

I wish I could afford RBG's.............


First Halloween: Ghost Busters, Addams Family, Thriller, and scary sounds with lightning & thunder.


Christmas: Wizards of Winter TSO, Frozen, Jungle Bell Rock (Randy Travis?), Beach Boys - etc...

I am open to new, but standard music sequences...


Thank you so much in advance for helping me get my light show back up & running.

The neighborhood is counting on me...


Wes McKusick


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hey wesmcq6... my tree is also a 16 channel tree but is 2 color, blue and multicolor so you can play with it pretty easy I think.


check your e mail...


sent you my drop box links.

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