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My Cheapo Window "Smart" Floods


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I've been looking for a cheaper alternative to "smart" wash-lights you can use to create multi-channel chases with.  After some experimenting, I found the best solution by mounting 2 cut up strips of 8 sections each adjacent to each other.  The total width of the "flood" is about 3 feet.  As you can see from the attached video, they create a pretty cool "chase" effect that you can't accomplish with normal RGB floods.  Considering 2811 strips are about 20 bucks, and my floods only use 1/3 of a single strip, I'd guess these can be made for under 10 bucks after adding connectors.  I mounted the floods on a piece of 1 inch insulation foam and the put a 4 inch piece of foam in front of the 2811 strips to make them more directional and limit hot spots.  Here's a quick video of one I made last week.  These are controlled just like normal pixels and in the video, they're being controlled with a San Devices 682 controller.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpm67ZXLNJA&feature=youtu.be

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Very cool idea and implementation.  Looks like a great 'Pixel 101' type project to possibly get me started with pixels. 

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