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I am trying to add an additional network for a CCR Tree.

Currently I have 3 networks.

Standard network- 7 1602 older controllers

Aux A - 4 CCRs and two CCBs

Aux B - 2 CCBs

This is laid out so that the cat 5 cables run to appropriate locations in yard.

Now, adding a 12 CCR tree with 6 channel Star. The star controller is a G3 controller, so it can run on high speed.

I want to use AUX C for the tree. The CCRs are 30-3B. I would like to put the G3 on the same network. How do I configure star controller in Superstar to know it is on aux network? Would it be 3C?

I am a little confused by the star controller assignment. I don't want to put it on the regular nework if possible.

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In the superstar configuration dialog box you give the range of unit Ids for each network. In your case you could assign the CCRs to 30-3B and assign 3C to the G3 16 channel controller and give the range of unit Ids for Aux C to be 30-3C and then the 12 CCRs and the G3 16 channel controller will be on the Aux C network.

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