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problem with DMX based props (2 props = 1 roofline)


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I recreated my 81 pixel roof line in visualizer because I couldn't work around the CCR requirements of exactly 50 pixels.

So I created 81 RGB bulbs in a right to left orientation. I used an XML editor to clean up the "X" and "Y" coordinates so I have a nice straight line.

I then started to create 1 prop with all the fixtures.

This was the first wrench in the works. I had no idea there was a 64 fixture limit per prop. ok...

So I created two props one with 50 and the 2nd with 31. saved it ..

imported the viz into superstar.

went to lay a morph from left to right

The grid shows the line from pixel 81 back to pixel 1.

BUT... the viz image shows the morph from pixel 50 back to pixel 1.

when you run it .. you get a morph moving right to left from pixel 50 to pixel 1 and a second moving from left to right from pixel 51 back to pixel 81??

without a whole lot of fan fare ... I have to ask .. WHY???

What am I doing wrong? I realize there are technically 2 props configured as DMX, Universe 20, right most pixel (1) is channel 1,2,3 and left pixel (81) is 241,242,243


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I apologize ...

I found the issue ..

The issue was in the <ITEMS> tag for Prop2.

I somehow moved the pixels which got them out of order.

81,80,77,78,76,79 ... etc .. you get the idea...

Once I got them back into sequential order .. it's working fine ...

This was all me ..


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Yep, one of the hazards of manually editing the XML files.  I've done similar things.  Welcome to the club!

I also manually edit the X and Y coordinates to get nice pretty lines.


Save regularly with a new filename and test each version.

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