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Odd problem with SS slowing down

Softball Shawn

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I have an issue with SS. Well, more of a slight annoyance that could be generated from my computer but I wanted to run it up the flagpole.

Occasionally when working in SS the program will slow considerably. What happens is that if I am working on a certain point of a song, let's say at the 30 second mark, if I do anything the program will hiccup and 'reload' in the program every action up to the 30 second mark. All actions delete from sight and then slowly pop back up until it hits the 30 second mark.

I reinstalled 4.1 and that did not work, then upgraded to 4.2 and the problem remains.

If I close the program and restart, the problem goes away for a day or so but always pops back up.


Again it is not a major issue and restarting the program clears it out, I just wanted to know if you had experienced this before.


And the computer I am using is no slouch, newer high end laptop.

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If I understand correctly, sometimes all the effects in the time layers are being regenerated. It shouldn't be regenerating all the effects from 0 to the 30 second mark. But even if it is only regenerating the effects on the visible part of the screen that can take a second or so if you have a lot of effects. Is that what is happening?


For me, I had a laptop that was doing something similar. I would add or delete an effect and superstar would repaint needlessly. And after playing 8 seconds it would repaint needlessly. I spent a couple of days hunting down the cause because it really annoyed me. But near as I could tell the repaint messages were coming from the windows operating system and I couldn't see where I was causing them. And it seemed to happen more often the longer I used the program. In other words, like you, if I shut down superstar and relaunch the problem didn't happen for a while. For me it seemed to start happening after an hour or so.


And when I ran superstar on my desktop the problem never happened. My theory was that it had to do with the memory management in the laptop, but that's just a theory. In some classes that I taught I asked if others had the problem and one person in the class said yes, but the other 30 or so said no.


So I guess I can say I sympathize because I have experienced something similar. But I have not been able to isolate the cause. And I don't have that laptop anymore so I can't duplicate the problem anymore.


By the way, the laptop was a Gateway brand. What brand is yours?

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That is exactly what it is doing. The longer I am on SS, the more prone it is to happening. Again, not a major problem, more of an annoyance.


I can't disagree with you, it does seem Windows generated.


Laptop is an HP Envy, about 6 months old. 16 GB RAM, i7, WIndows 10.


Not looking for you to solve it, just wanted to get your thoughts. Thank you!

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