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Facebook page for light display


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How many people have a facebook for their light display and did you create it as a group? Or something else. Im wanting to do one. But dunno if making a "group" is the right way

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I just recently started a Facebook account.

For many of the things I wanted to see - just seemed that FB was the place.

Then I joined the LOR users group.



Guess doesn't really address your thread though...

Just throwing it out there.

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I created a Community Facebook page: Lights on Roads End


It has worked out well for me.  I really enjoy interacting with the people who come see the show.


Feel free to "like" the page!

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I fabricate and sell Christmas decorations, so I set it up as a business account.  The other thing to do is once you create your page share it with your community.  My town and surrounding area has a community Facebook page. Consider finding if your town has one.  If they do, post a link.  I posted a link this weekend on the site that I was beginning my setup and gained 51 likes in two days and just under 3,000 visits to my page.   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rainy-Oregon-Christmas/418988341560636?sk=photos_stream

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