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Can someone explain the RESOLUTION box in CCR


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The resolution box offers choices of 50,25,17,16,10,5,2,1

If CCR's always have to be 50 then what is the point of the remaining options since they only apply to a master config?

If you select say 25 and try to start the simulator it tells you (of course) that the string isn't exactly 50.

I thought, obviously incorrectly, that you could for example have a string that is 81 pixels ...

1 controller - 50 pixels

1 controller - 25 pixels

1 controller - 5 pixels

1 controller - 1 pixel

I'm actually running DMX.

I create the viz, program in SuperStar, Export from SS, Strip out the Macros (pgm I wrote last year) and insert BOTH SS output and DMX into the sequence so I can view it in the visualizer. Once all is good, I strip out the CCR data leaving only the DMX and put that on my show pc.

Worked great last year on my new pixel tree .. then I realized it worked because each of the 12 strings was 50 pixels.

So... what is the resolution box for?

Is my only real option to scrap what I have and create the roof line 1 pixel at a time .. and the 3 window frames (32,22,22 pixels each) and the 5 Bellagio poles (25 pixels each) on the porch?

thanks for looking ...


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The resolution box is for Cosmic Color devices.  You can find more information on the resolution in the doc for CCRs/CCPs/CCBs.


If you are using DMX, why are you using CCRs and not PIxel Universe fixtures?

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The resolution is very useful !   I use it a lot.   If you want all 50 pixels to flash at once,  set resolution to 1 (all 50 controlled by first pixel) then set the color for pixel 1. 

4 of my CCRs have resolution of 1 set in HWU.  This means when the resolution channel 151 is zero, to use the setting of 1. 

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That is nice use...I now see I like to do things the hard way.

I would leave resolution of 50 then go change 151 to 1.

Your way much easier....

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