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Help on how many strands of lights needed.


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I'm trying to program a 38ft Christmas panel tree, but I need help on figuring out how many strands of Cosmic Color Bulbs would I need for it. I tried calculating and I came up with about 80 strands of the Cosmic Color Bulbs. I just don't want to end up getting too much or too little. Any help on the best way to calculate how many is needed or does anyone know the amount?

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As I just told Ron, I don't do RGB's yet, so not gonna try to pretend I can help you.

(I've never even seen a panel tree, much less a 38 ft RGB anything tree...)

I'm really replying just to say welcome aboard as noticed your first post.

If you do git 'er done, post some pics so I'll know what it is that you really are doing...



Good luck,


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