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Viz import ordering issue (revisited)


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I'm pretty sure I have seen this before and Brian resolved the issue(s) but .. I don't know how they were resolved.

Hoping to get some help (explanation) on how to fix this particular problem.

I have my porch laid out in Viz consisting of three main elements. Roofline, 3 windows and 5 Bellagio poles.

The roof line is at the top, under that are the 3 windows and under that are the 5 poles.

However, when I import the VIZ I get the Windows in the 1st line of the grid, the roof line in the 2nd line of the grid and then the poles from right to left grid line 3,4,5 and 6.

I don't understand why the windows are on top, then the roofline then the poles.

I am using superstar reverse on the windows to get them to match the actual wiring pixel order (top right, lower right, lower left, top left then back to right)

I've attached the LEE file if needed to look at.

I've checked the lee file in an XML editor and it all looks right... but obviously.. I am missing something.

I hope the explanation makes some sense..

Thanks for the help...


PS. I am still working on the roofline orientation. The controller will be in the upper right feeding the roofline from right to left, then on to Window1 then 2 and 3. Another output will be used to feed the poles (again from right to left)

2015 Porch.lee

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It is indeed confusing, next year I'm going to rework the import of visualizations. But for now this is the explanation and the fix:


The SuperStar code puts things that it thinks are a matrix on the bottom and then non-matrix things above that. This is because the "meat" of a sequence is on the matrix and I always want that on the bottom so that it will play the same on any display that has that kind of matrix.


But when I designed all this people weren't putting RGB pixels on the trim of their house. And the superstar code sometime thinks the other RGB pixels are a matrix and sometimes it does not. Realize that a collection of RGB fixtures in a Prop is a candidate for a matrix.


So bring up your "Windows" prop and your "Roof Line" prop and click on the "superstar" button in those props. In there you will see a line that says "This Prop is a Matrix" and the default setting will be "Let SuperStar decide."  Change that setting to "No".


Save the visualization, import it into superstar and it should put the roof line on the top row of the sequencing grid now.

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Well I almost got all of the explanation in ...

LOR/Viz - Superstar version 3.12.2

Isn't the Superstar button a new feature in 4 ?


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The "superstar nomatrix" keyword in the prop comment field ....

Seems to have done the trick ... thank you Brian . and THANK YOU for the explanation.

Now I just need to get the roofline flipped around to feed from the right.

(I assume that the pixel order should match the physical prop?? )


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Yes, the pixel order must match the physical prop. In the current visualization the roofline strings start with pixel 1 on the left which means the  controller would have to be on the left. If these are CCPs or CCBs on the roofline then I expect your controller would be in the middle.


You can of course have the direction of the pixels flipped any way you want, superstar will map them to the sequencing grid accordingly.

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Just want to say thank you.

keyword worked and flipping the strings put them in the order I needed..

I have it all working and presented the way I wanted.

again... appreciate the time and info..


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