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Items for Sale - If you missed the summer sale, I can help...


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I have a number of items that I have purchased over the year and never used.  I am taking this year off from doing a display, and will likely scale back if I decide to bring in back in 2016.   So rather than have this stuff take up space and collect dust, I'd like to find it another home.


CTB16PC-KIT V1 with High Power Heat Sinks.   Two unassembled, one assembled.  Assembled one has never been used.   Low power heat sinks still attached to line up Triacs, but no thermal compound applied.   Asking $100.00, each.


CMB-16D-QC.  Two available, never used.   Asking $90.00 each.


Mini Director w/ MP3.   One available, never used.   Asking $95.00.


I may have some enclosures tucked away somewhere that can house the controllers.   If interested, ask and I can send additional info.   These would either be an 8 X 8 X 4 Kraloy Box or a 12 X 12 X 6 Carlon (or similar) box.


I also have a number of DIY type items available - LED Triks Panels, LED Triks Controllers, TRIKS-C Controllers, Rainbow Floods, DIYC Flood, and Ren-4 Flood controllers.   If interested PM and I can send more details.


Buyer to pay shipping costs.


Feel free to PM me with questions.



C. Hoover

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One of the CTB16PC Kits has been sold.


I am starting to list the items on ebay.  Starting bids are lower than asking price.


mDM-MP3 is listed as auction # 321882012344


CMB16D-QC is listed as auction # 321882069702

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I have three Rainbow Floods that are assembled.   One is assembled with the RJ-45 jacks installed, One has a CAT-5 pigtail directly soldered to the board, and the other has neither, however the RJ45 jacks will be included in the sale for you to install if you wish.   Asking price is $22.00, buyer to pay shipping.   Will entertain offers.


The DIYC flood is also assembled, and am asking $20.00, again, buyer to pay shipping.   Will also entertain offers.


Preferred method of shipment is USPS priority mail, and I usually ship within the next day of receiving full payment.   Will ship other methods, but may take an extra day.



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The assembled kit was spoken for over the weekend and I am just working out details with the individual.

All of the other kits have been sold.

I do not know anything about the 50W floods from LOR. These are the Seasonal Entertainment Rainbow Floods. They are RGB and would require 3 DC channels. You would need to check Seasonal Entertainments website for exact specifications.

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So after looking, the Rainbow floods are probably closer to the 10W RGB flood, but higher power.   The Rainbow flood is 12V, and pulls 2.16Amps when white (all 54 LED's on).  It should be able to be controlled with a CMB-16 or CMB-24 and would require three channels.


Hope that helps....

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