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Sequencing Concentric 5 Point Stars from 1 CCP Unit?

Scott Tuthill

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I am adding a new element to my Christmas show this year. Three "concentric" 5 point stars made out of one LOR Cosmic Color Pixel RGB unit with 100 bulbs. The outer star uses 40 bulbs, and the inner two stars use 30 bulbs each. This will be my first use of RGB in my show. Though a full RGB show element, I likely will only use Red, Green, and White as colors as this ties out to the rest of my show. As I contemplate sequencing this element I am wondering if anyone has any advice and or experience in something similar. I could tackle it raw in the Sequence Editor but I wonder if either the Pixel Editor or SuperStar would be a better approach? And, based on the choice of tool does anyone have any hints or tips based on how to handle concentric 5 point stars? This would include how best to build a Visualizer representation.


Thanks in advance for your reply.



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