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Good Morning, afternoon or evening depending on when where and what you been doing when you read this.

My Name is Rob, I am new to the Forum, but have been using LOR since last halloween just never set up acct here yet. well since new season has started i figured i will get on and continue our addiction with the rest of us.

I live outside of Boston Ma. and last year i set up a 3 monster sing with my halloween display using only 1 16 channel controller, (was fun learning how to edit the prebought sequences from 7 channekls down to 5 so i could use 3 heads, was able to get it all set and done in like 4weeks last year.

this year will be buying a new controller and will be setting up the 4th monster this year and add more songs to the list. I will post a few links in a bit of my yard and show from last year in a bit.

So lets all get back to what some are calling the CLAP

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Welcome to the madness Nomad.  Will you be doing Christmas this year also?  Look forward to seeing your Halloween faces.  THere is a ton of great information inside this forum - past, present & future.  If you have questions that you can't find answers to in the various forum groups, post it and you'll be amazed at the information that will come flowing to you.  Great bunch of people here and everyone helps everyone.


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Welcome aboard. Sounds like you are well on your way.

I too read a lot of posts for quite awhile before joining the forum.

These people are all awesome and after feeling like I was stealing the information,

I created an account to thank people for the help and to share what I could myself.

It's never too late to join - like you & I did.

So welcome aboard and to anyone else just reading - join up now.

We'd love to meet you too.

- Daniel

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Welcome! Make sure to write your username and password somewhere becuse when the season is over you might forget it!

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Rob I still can't get over those faces ! They came out awesome !!

And most of all welcome to the madness ! I didn't take me long at all to get the c.l.a.p lol

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