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Auto sequence 2ccr together?


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Hello I wold like to use the auto sequence function to sequence 2 ccr's in a row for my house roof line so it chases from one side to the other can you do it some how i can only find in the editor how to sequence 1 ccr

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Superstar has two modes, CCR mode and Visualization mode. In CCR mode you have a limited number of layouts and you will not be able to do 2 ccrs in a row.


In Visualization mode you can do any layout you want. Go into the Visualizer and make a visualization of 2 CCRs in a row.

Launch superstar and click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization"

In the import visualization dialog box set the Sequencing row "Max Length" to 100


You should see your visualization on the screen and it should be mapped to one sequencing row. And when you use instant sequence it should use the whole row.

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