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Look Out Trick-or-Treaters, the Magic Wall is back this year!


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Dusted off the wall today and its all set for Halloween.   It takes about 15 min to install in the garage door frame and makes a big hit with the kids.
It's made of a 2x4 frame, green foam board  from a home supply store cut and painted to resemble castle wall stones, a computer monitor and very inexpensive ($15) software which moves the image's mouth in coordination with the operator's voice.   The wall has a cheap mini-spycam to see a 240 degree field of view to interact with the little gremlins that stop by.  The voice is live and comes through an Xbox headset to an electric guitar amplifier which alters the sound.  After a little fun interaction, we hit the fog machine and Voila!   Candy is dropped through a hole and falls out of the hallowed out plastic skull in a puff of magic smoke.    What fun.    Here's the video if you want to see.  


Happy Halloween!


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Thanks Meegan, Kingfish,Saxon and TomSusie!
Hi Sax. We found the software from a company called ImaginEERIEing. http://www.imagineerieing.com/products.html They plain give you free use of the original software version.

My teenagers and their friends love to run the display.  Its a lot of laughs and the low cost of the whole project was too good for us to pass up.  It took a weekend to put together and paint.  If you try this project, don't forget to check Goodwill/garage sales for repurposed materials to keep the cost low.

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I have had the free face from them from last year but have not been able to get it to work on my win 7..


I can open it, start it, and alseep,solemn,angry and happy face works but have not been able to get the mouth to open or mic to work.


Do you have any idea as to what I am not doing or what I did wrong for it?





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Hi Sarge!  


I just noticed your post.   Are you hitting the SHIFT button to make the mouth move?    The controls are:  SHIFT/mouth   ESC/Preferences    ARROWS/head turn   DELETE/Mood Change      S/Sad    D/Docile     F/Furious       ?/Help Screen.   


I'm not sure there is an embedded mic function.    We connect an Xbox headset to a guitar amplifier and adjust the amp until it modifies the voice to sound a bit creepy. 

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cool... I will try the shift for the mouth... I was going by the directions that was included with it.. maybe I didnt see the shift button as the mouth command... Thanks

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It may be because I am using the free version and not the demo or paid version.. this is all I could find in the instructions... I tried using the shift and nothing happened..  I copy pasted some straight from the down load file


How to control the Mirror
The Magic Mirror is designed to be run with your monitor set to 640x480 resolution.  At this size, it will fill your monitor screen.  For maximum effect, set the Mirror to "portrait" mode, and turn your monitor on its side.
In its default configuration, these keys control the Magic Mirror:
A: Change to 'asleep' face
S: Change to 'solemn' face
D: Change to 'angry' face
F: Change to 'happy' face
Option: Open the mouth (will stay open as long as you hold it down)
N: Display 'No costume No candy' sign
Using your microphone to control the Mirror
You can also use your microphone or other audio input to control the mouth motion of the Magic Mirror.  To do this, follow the directions below to turn on 'microphone_input' and set the 'microphone_sensitivity'.  Once you have these set, re-launch the Magic Mirror, and speak into your microphone (or play your CD, or whatever - use your standard OS controls to determine the sound input).  The mirror should move his mouth to the audio.
Often, the microphone sensitivity needs adjustment.  You can call up a console to dynamically adjust the sensitivity on-site.  In the default configuration, these controls are used to interact with the microphone console:
\: Toggle display of the microphone console.
[: Lower the volume threshold where the Mirror opens his mouth.
]: Raise the volume threshold where the Mirror opens his mouth.
Maybe I am not reading it right but I can not find the open mouth command...  
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I contacted the Manufacturer... It was the old version I have.. I went ahead and updated to a newer version and it works great.... 

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