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Mega Tree Orientation and Questions


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Hello all!

I have been going over different pixel mega tree options for some time and I just can't decide the best way to go.

My current plan is to use the Holiday Coro bullet nodes as my pixels. My main question is should I go with a 25 pixel high tree with 24 strands (12 strings folded in half) like Superstar lights did for their CCP tree or should I do a 50 pixel high tree so I can use CCR sequences without too much conversion? However, I wouldn't be able to afford a full 360 degree 50 pixel high tree and I really enjoy the spiral effects you can do with a 360 degree tree.

If I went with the 25 pixel high tree, would it be possible to convert the CCR sequences? I should probably mention that I don't have Superstar and I don't think I have the budget for it. I may just have to hold off until next year.



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One thing you have to consider is the pixel spacing. LOR CCPs are spaced 6" apart, HC sells pixel strings that are 3" and 8" in the 12v range. Personally I like the 3" strings as the pixels are closer and give a more dense look but seeing as how those strings are 12' long if you fold them in half you only have 6' to work with. So make sure you check the pixel spacing and overall string length. 

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