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channel spliting (is it a thing?)


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i am new to pixel lights but i think this should be possiable with the way they are programed i just dont see a option in light-o-rama
i will start with the problem
i have poles on my vernanda that i think would look great if i could control each one as a individual channel, so i can go left > right and right > left or top > bottem and so forth. These poles are bout 2.5m (8ft) tall so i can in therory wire 2-3 poles on the same stand of lights and still have some spare lights left over on the 512 light channel limit. my problem comes when i try and see how i program a channel in light-o-rama to split say lights 1-150 (channel: pole 1) and lights 151-300 (channel: pole 2) so i easly design my sequence and reduce the cost of controlers.
if this is possiable would creating channels like 1-50 + 151-201 (channel: lower poles) and 51-61 + 202-251 (channel: mid pole) be something this program is capable of?

and help with this would be amazing

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I guess I am not really understanding what you are wanting. Keep in mind that each pixel takes three channels so when you say channels 1-50 you are only talking 16 pixels and channels 51-61 is only three pixels. So if you are wanting to wrap 2-3 eight foot poles on one strand you are going to need way more then you are figuring.

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In a single continuous smart string you can not skip channel address's. each pixel (3 channels) will be the next 3 channels from the last.  BUT you can sequence them in any order you wish.  depending on your controller you can group channels ( every 3 pixels act as one, every 10 pixels act as one etc. ),  this can reduce the number of virtual channels requiring less controllers but each member of the group will do the same thing at the same time as if it was ONE pixel.

There is no limit on the number of pixels (outside voltage drop, assuming grouping with the controller) only a limit on the number of channels in a single DMX universe (512).

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