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This is my first year and although a lot of work looking forward to results.  Need help on how you set up to have specific lights stay.  For example I will have some talking decorations and want the outline and part of the mouth and eyes to stay on for the entire show.


Thanks in advance

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Hey, one I might know, you just need to edit the sequence in sequence editor and turn those channels on, if its like the Holiday Coro tree guys, you would turn on channel 1 for the outline and channel 2 and 3 for the eyes. Just make those changes and you got it.


Good Luck and welcome to the mania. Keith

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Welcome to you both.


Yes, Keith has the answer for you - simply turn them "on".


Seeing this is you first post - I'm going to assume this is your first sequence too. Many great tutorials at the top of this page. Watch a few of them & be amazed at what all this software can do. To help you on this first one, here's the step by step - hopefully...


You need to turn to "on" the first couple of cells on that row with the big green square button. Then select those cells you turned to "on" with your upper left pointed arrow. Left click the first square you turned on and hold it down dragging through to the last one you turned on. Then while they are highlighted, click the copy button - on the second row - it looks like two pieces of paper. Then from the top menu, click edit and the click "paste multiple". It will then ask you to select how many times. You select the circle that says "all the way to the end...".


Now, imho, it will look much better if just a few timing marks after the last note your decorations are talking, you fade the outline to off as well.. Similar to above steps, but select the square you want to start fading down at. Then select the fade down tool button - looks like a downward slope with the down arrow on it. Left click it in that square and hold it for a second or two to the right. Then click the big red square button. Click it in the square just to the right of the end of the fade you just created and hold it down to the end. Also, so as to have your audience "waiting" & "anticipating" a little, my do the same in reverse at the beginning. Turn them off until a second before they start talking. Then using the ramp up - fade up tool, turn your outline on just before they first start talking.


If you think you've screwed something up royally while you are learning - just remember - until you "save", you haven't done any permanent damage... Need to learn the undo button &/or worse case - close it out without saving.. Once you understand you didn't hurt anything, you become free to play around and learn the program better.


Remember, whatever you do, friends and family will be amazed with your show that now dances - so it will be perfect.


Good luck and again - welcome aboard.

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