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Is it possible to assign an LOR Visualizer fixture to two separate props? Example: I have 5 distinct sections of my house roofline, i.e. bedroom gable, porch gable, etc. The Bedroom Gable prop is comprised of 5 fixtures. I can assign effects in Pixel Editor that operate at the "Bedroom Gable" level or below (at the individual fixture level). But sometimes I want an effect to operate at the whole house roofline level. So I need to assign effects sometimes at the Bedroom Gable level and sometimes at the whole house level. I am not seeing a way to do that - yet.

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yes - I import from Visualizer into the Pixel Editor. I want to have an effect logically assigned to my whole roofline sometimes - as if it were a single prop. I have, however, 5 separate props (gables and fascia, etc.) that make up the roofline. I can easily assign an effect at those prop levels.

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