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Combining SuperStar and Pixel Editor files into one Intensity file.


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Last year I used nutcracker and SuperStar to create effects on my Mega Tree. I would create effects in Nutcracker then export the file to an LMS file from Nutcracker and then paste the effects into the main LMS file, I did the same thing with SuperStar. The reason I did that was I could create effects in Nutcracker that I couldn't do in SuperStar, and vice-a-versa.

I am using this sequence again this year, but I want to use an Intensity file for all the RGB props, this means that somehow I have to merge the two files into the same Intensity file in my LMS sequence.

I know I can merge different props into the same intensity, but this is for the same prop coming from different editors.


Can I take my two files for the same prop, in this case my mega tree, and merge them into one intensity file?

Will SuperStar and the Pixel Editor allow you to combine effects for the same prop into one intensity file?






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The sequence editor can play a main sequence and one Intensity Data file from the Pixel Editor and one Intensity Data file from SuperStar


It will play them all concurrently, but if the two intensity data files try to control the same channel, there will be a conflict and the light will probably flicker.


Also, if either of the intensity data files tries to control a channel that is in the main sequence, there will be a conflict. The report I had from a customer is that the light tends to flicker.


In SuperStar there is a "Merge Intensity Data Files" feature, but it only works for superstar intensity data files.


Unfortunately what it all means is that there is no way to have SuperStar and the PixelEditor play to the same lights in the same sequence using Intensity Data Files.

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