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Extending connections to RGB to creat unlit areas


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Hello All,


I am somewhat familiar with sequencing the LOR 16 channel units.  I have purchased RGB boards and hope to begin to play with them soon.  When I was visualizing the set up of the new RGB lights, I came to what I see as a problem, but I am sure there is a simple solution.  Here goes... What can I use to extend the connections from the RGB board to the actual lights?  For example, If my RGB board is on my step and I want lights 15 feet away, what do I use to connect these areas so there are not lights leading to the actual display? 


I would imagine there are b, r, g, b wires in length somewhere, but where?  Is this the best way or is there a better solution.


Thanks for your input.

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Lots of options at many of the Christmas vendors. You will also find some people that have had success with using cat 5 or 6 cable

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