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2015 Halloween Display Progress {Photos}


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Well I wasn't going to do a display originally, just felt sort of burned out from it for a while there, but with the neighbors all asking when are you going to start on your Halloween display this year{2015}, well, kind of hard to disappoint the kids, and yes, even the adults that were asking, including out management and maintenance staff.
So I've started prepping the display by putting some decor out, not all connected to controllers as yet, rain has been putting a small damper{no pun intneded} on that for the moment.
Anyway, just thought I'd share some photo's of my 2015 Halloween Display Progress.


Here's the first one, this is the front side of our house, may be hard to make out the Wire Frame Skulls on either side of the Wire Frame BOO, but they're there!





This is facing the street from our front door and the front porch section of our 66 foot long handicap ramp, these are my 5 styrofoam jack-O'-Lanterns, the Large one is 2 channels, has an Orange opaque and a Red opaque bulb in him.  And the 6 Flying ghosts, 4 behind the pumpkins and 2 others behind them, the one on the right is a little difficult to see, but if you look close you can see his smiling face.




This one shows the Blow Mold BOO Ghost Brothers. Jack-O'-Lanterns and the 6 Flying Ghosts.  Only the 6 Flying ghosts mounted on stakes are connected as of this posting.





Now I still have about 27 sequences to convert and modify for the 2015 Halloween display set up, have already converted and modified 16 of the 41 sequences I have completed.   And hopefully may have about 4 more new ones added to this years set up.


So I'm back into the swing of things once again and having fun with everything.


Hopefully I won't have a power malfunction like I did last year and lose all my videos as they were being uploaded from the camera to the computer, lost them all because they all got scrambled and corrupted when the power glitched in 2014.  Ugh!


Anyway, just wanted to share what i've got done so far, more to come as work and sequencing changes progress along.







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Thanks James.    Got the Jack-O'-Lanterns all wired up, along with the wire frames and a couple of other items mounted on the window shutters{fixed. fake plastic shutters}.  Got to put the boo ghosts back out, I have a way of securing them so they don't just walk off from the display, if you know what I mean.. 


Just as I got the last one hung and was ready to start work it started raining just as I had gotten them all out, so I took them back in to keep them dry so I could run the extension cords from them to the appropriate controller.  Just don't like working with WET props and Electrical items!   Hopefully I will get them back out and connected later this afternoon if the weather holds up as the weatherfolks predict of no rain, well 20% chance, so think I'll be good to work on things when it gets a bit cooler in the evening.


Just too dang hot to do it when the sun's beating down on you trying to do this, especially since I have to get under the ramp to secure the cords off the ground so they can't be seen.   Try to hide the cords as best I can, but sometimes just can't hide them like I'd like. LOL   I secure them with small plastic cable clamps along the bottom ribs and planks of the ramp, keeps them off the ground and allows the water to drip off them, others I hide behind the skirting along the house that have to be at ground level.   So you sometimes really have to look hard to find my power cords. LOL


Well off and back to working on the sequence mods for this years display while I wait for the cooler evening hour to arrive.

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@Bill P.  Yep, bought them at Big Lots, then when I wanted to get a couple more of the Wire Frame Skulls they didn't sell them the following year!  Ugh!  Only had the small plastic frame skulls I have on the shutters, which are wire to the larger skulls, so that each side, left and right work together.


And of all things, had a setback, power supply on the show computer blew out, got another power supply and then find the darn keyboard also went bad.   Darn!


Fortunately I have another keyboard on the way because without a working keyboard the computer won't start up and load anything.


And it all went out just as I was getting ready to back up the LOR files to a laptop a friend gave me to use as a back up system and back up show computer.  Talk about frustrating!    As soon as I get that keyboard everything is getting transferred that is LOR specific to the laptop.


So currently I can't run test shows until I get the desktop back up and operational.


But at least I got the rest of the Halloween decor out and wired up outside.  Still have the inside to do.


Man when things go wrong, they really go wrong around here. LOL

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