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This is my second year with light o rama . I have checked the percent that my led strings come on and go off . Different colors come on at a little different percent and are at their most brightness at about 75 to 80 percent have read about setting dimming curve but don't know if it's worth the trouble or would even help .thx. In advance for help

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I've been 100% LED for years and what you say about color dimming is correct.  I just don't worry about it.  Never really looked into the dimming curve route as the slight difference in dimming just never bothered me all that much.  It is just part of what makes LED's "special"  From a brightness point of view, I never program my LED's to come on more than 75% as I find they are blindingly bright if I go to 100% .  This does help smooth out the dimming issue somewhat as I really only go from 0-75. 

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