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Ok here is the situation..


I currently have landscaping lights, where my power supply recently burned out.  I was going to go out and buy a new one, but really looking at the big picture.


Every Halloween and Christmas I add flood lights to my display, about 20 of them, 10 for orange / 10 for green for Halloween, and 10 for red / 10 for green for Christmas, and I use my landscaping flood lights for white, using A LOR plug to power the transformer on/off on demand.


What I'm thinking is I'd like to replace my standard landscaping lights with RGB flood lights, where I can change colors, but use them all year around, using the LOR during the holiday season, (or possibly say 4th of July etc), but just turn them on during the rest of the year.


I obviously want lights I can daisy chain, so they are all the same color at once, they also need to be durable, prone to weather changes, etc.


The problem I have is my house is longer than most.  From 1 side of the house to the other, its about 200 feet.


Any recommendation on the best way to do what i want, giving me decent lighting, thats dimmable, (dont want to over power christmas lights during the holidays, but bright the rest of the year), and will be efficient for what I'm trying to do?  


I'm ok with leaving a LOR power supply hooked up all year long, kind of Leary about one of the RGB controllers though, I just dont like how fragile they are.

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Look at lor rgb 8 pack flood light package

I was looking at them, but I dont think the 10 watts are going to be strong enough.  I know LED's are obviously brighter than other lights, I have LED's through much of the inside of my house, but my house is pretty large and 2 stories, so I dont think 8 of them, or 10 watts, is going to do the job..  I could be wrong though..



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You don't have to daisy chain them all.  I'm adding 8 10w LOR floods and have them grouped on 2 channels...5 and 3 floods.  I made a 5 and 3 wire pigtail that's wired to the controller.

From the 3 and 5 pigtail harness, separate wires run to each flood.

For my non LOR landscape lighting, started following this practices a few years ago.  Allows you to move individual lights around or out of the way w/o have to pull up an entire string of daisy chain lights.  Takes more wiring but wire is cheap compared to the convienent.

So while you may not want to run separate wires for each light along 200ft, you could break them up into clusters via pigtail harness.

BTW, you can run  the cmb24d durning non-holliday season in stand alone mode.  You download a sequence onto it and them disconnect it from your computer.   Connect it to a timer and when the timer/pwer goes on, the sequences is plays.

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