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Hi all.  New guy here looking for advice on how to set up my channels for the house/lighting shown.  I'm limiting myself to 16 channels this year since I bought all new LEDs.  I got the prepackaged show from LOR and might use some of it, and am working on some sequences myself, but I'm pretty artistically challenged-and I think I hate sequencing.  I know I'm starting to hate "A Hollly Jolly Christmas"!


I was thinking a channel for each color on the roofline, 2 for each tree, and one for each of the other elements-reds are hedges and greens are some trees around the house-there's one hiding behind the mega tree., and two posts wrapped in white.  I can break up the roofline if needed.  Anyone have a better idea?


I could pick up a few white LED strands to do something if needed.


I hope to add white to everything, some stuff in the yard-maybe a row of minitrees and at least 3 controllers next year to get the tree moving.....



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I'd split the roof line into 2; also it looks like you have one 2 color mini tree, which I might not take out and use those channels in the mega tree.

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