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Sub-sequence or Copy and Paste?HELP!


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I would like to know the consensus on this topic to help me decide the best route to take with my own sequences. So any help from ANYbody is greatly appreciated especially the old timers. Many THANKS in advance. 


I have 30 LOR  sequences. 25 of those include 16 CCRs, 16 LED smart pixel strings and 4 dumb RGB singing Christmas trees. For a total of 33 universes. I have read the forums on both copy and paste or sub-sequence but most are quite old. I'm looking for updated opinions because of software and hardware changes. If sub-sequencing I have easy work to do. If copy and paste I have A LOT of work to do. If I have to copy and past I'm assuming I would need to create a template then use that to copy all of the LED elements into and then the LOR sequence. I have tried to copy and paste a 16 universe CCR sequence all at once but the sequence upon transfer is messed up so to speak. The colors are off and the timings are off. I have to do each CCR (or universe) 1x1 separately for it to transfer correctly. Which is VERY time consuming. I'm just looking for an easier way....if any. I have read that the sub-sequence can cause timing or syncing issues. I'm not sure why though if both the main sequence and the Superstar elements were created with the same music and timing. 


Again Thank You in advanced for the assistance.

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I don't have the latest LOR software, but it was up to date before S4 came out. Anything I have done in Superstar, I have used the sub-sequencing method. Most of my SE sequences are running 2 to 3 sub sequences. And am happy with the results, but I am not a purest. I think they look good and I haven't see any lag. I do run everything at the highest speed, including the AC controllers.  I am sure others will comment on this subject. If not, pick a sequence and give it a try and see how you like it.

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I've never tried using sub-sequences so not sure about it. Are you insuring that when you copy, then paste, are you "pasting" by TIME and not cell?

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