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I just got superstar 2 days ago and I have been trying to watch the light o rama tutorials and figure it out but im still pretty confused. Im trying to sequence some pixels around my windows and across my roof so I imported a visualization from the visualizer but the layout is kind of weird. Anyone have any good videos that could possibly help me understand it a little better. Any videos or tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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Please define weird. I assume you mean the grid. Check on a grid box one by one and you will see how the grid relates to you like strings. I maybe the way you imported your visualization as far as the number of rows and the length of your pixels in the first pop up window when you tell it to import.

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yeah i guess im having a hard time understanding the grid, I did  tell the visualizer how many pixels were around each window but i did not tell it that one side has 15 and the other side has 20, does it figure it out on its own or is that something else that i need to set up? also its not the morph but i believe its called a smooth effect, im not sitting on my computer so i forgot the name but im not sure how it works.

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For lights that are on the eaves, windows and outlines of a house superstar often does not map them in a logical way.


If you have some lights that are in a long line, you will want to set the sequencing grid "max length" to be equal to or greater than the number of pixels in that line. You set that in the "Import visualization" dialog box at the time of import. The highest number you can set is 360. I chose that limit because any more and the squares in the sequencing grid would get so small that they become unusable.


The other thing to do is create a "row" visualization and a "real" visualization." The "real" visualization is the one you are using now. Make a copy of the "real" visualization and move the strings around in rows, where the rows are the way you would like the strings to map to the sequencing grid.


But admittedly there are still some quirks in the software and if you can't get it to do what you want email the real and the row visualization to brian@superstarlights.com and I will take a look at it.

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Alright making the sequencing grid longer helped out a lot, I don't 100 percent understand how to make a copy of the real visualization though? 

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Launch the Visualizer

Open the visualization file you have now

Click on the File menu and select "Save As"

Use the same file name except add "row" to the end of the name

Save the file


You now have two visualization files that are the same

You can now move things around in the "row" visualization so that things are in rows and superstar will be able to see how you want things arranged.


After you have your row visualization set up in rows, do the following:


1) launch superstar

2) click on the file menu and select "Import Visualization Pair"

3) in the dialog box that appears, choose your original visualization as the "real" visualization. Choose the "row" visualization as the "row" visualization

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